Friday, June 20, 2014

A Glimpse of the 2006 Retreat

The Society of Saint Polycarp had its first recorded retreat in the year 2006.  Four of us were able to meet that year.  From left to right in this picture we have Joe Greene, Fr. Dave Juhl, Fr. Larry Beane, and it seems that Latif was there as well.  Brother Joe has since been made a deacon, and even in his prediaconal days he was graciously sharing the bounty of his family farm.  Father David, erstwhile member of our Society, invited us into his home and parish.  He, his family, and his parish (Trinity, Iuka, IL), showed great hospitality and gave us a memorable retreat.  Father Larry was at the time, indeed for several years, the dean of the Society, and from the looks of things, was celebrant on this occasion. 

I recall much prayer, fraternal conversation, and a good discussion of Michael O'Brien's novel, Father Elijah.  Of course, a retreat wouldn't quite be a retreat without the Holy Mass.  And before we headed home, we concluded by praying the Itinerarium.  All in all, it was an excellent retreat, and it set the stage for the ones to follow.

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