Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Medicine of Immortality

Given and Shed ...

... for  YOU


  1. C'mon! Let's get some more content!

    1. Choose the one, best answer.

      A.) Bowing to market demands, and acknowledging the average attention span of Americans, we decided to temporarily "contemporize" our services a bit.

      B.) The same criticism could possibly be leveled against Bartimaeus' ringing confession (Mark 10:46-52) ... but unlike our correspondent, the gentlemen was blind.

      C.) You have the graciously creating, redeeming and sanctifying Blessed Trinity in your sights, who fills both Heaven and earth, and you ask for more content?

      D.) I guess Luther has it right, then: our perceptive readers are but beggars, this is true.

      Your (unworthy) servant,
      Herr Doktor

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