Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shamelessly Swiped from Gilbert. Sort of.

I noted upon perusing the indefatigable Fr. Watson's eponymous blog site (not the ever-glorious Megalunei ; the other one)  that the writer is an enthusiastic fan of the wit and wisdom of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, who upon passing and resting up for the Great Return, is now an honest-to-God Lutheran.  To clarify:  I'm talking about the pundit Chesterton here.

Fr. Watson is certainly alive and breathing oxygen, as well as being an honest-to-God Lutheran (thus a Christian catholic, as Mr. Chesterton is and was). 

I'll say this.  Chesterton's body returning to dust, presently, makes it loads easier to grab precious stuff from him without registered complaint.  Especially if the stuff can be modified somewhat.  

Suppose instead of talking about fairy tales and dragons, we speak of Scripture and serpent (the latter of course being very much a dragon, in the vision of blessed Seer St. John).  So consider this confession: 

The Scriptures of God are more than true.  Not because they tell us that a talking serpent has existed , but because they tell us that the head of a talking serpent can and has been crushed.

Your (unworthy) servant,
Herr Doktor

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